How long does delta-10 stay in your system?

How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your System?

Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can stay in your system for anywhere from 2 to 30 days. The amount of time that it stays in your system can vary depending on your personal height, weight, health conditions, metabolism rate, and other factors like the type of product that you consumed.

Key takeaways

  • Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can stay in your system for anywhere from 2 to 30 days. 
  • Factors that would alter how long Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can stay in your system would be: metabolism rate, health conditions, medications you’re on, your body-mass index (BMI), and height or weight.

How long does Delta-10 stay in your system for?

Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can stay in your system for anywhere from 2 to 30 days. Here are some factors that would alter how long Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can be seen for in drug tests:

Frequency of use

How often you consume Delta-10 (Δ10-THC) can alter your chances for the product being seen in drug tests.

Method of consumption

Ingesting gummies will take longer for your body to fully metabolize the substance. While vaping and smoking the product may have a shorter time window for metabolizing.

Your dosage amount

The amount that you’ve consumed can also adjust how much your body can metabolize the substance. Anything greater than 30 milligrams would be considered a “larger” dosage and may take longer for your body to completely pass it.

Drug test types and windows based on use

Here is a good way to understand the types of tests and the windows of time it could be seen based on your usage:

Test type

Moderate use

Frequent use

Heavy use

Urine tests

1-3 days

5-7 days

30 days+

Blood tests

24 hours or more

3 days or more

7 days or more

Saliva tests

24 hours or more

3 days or more

5 days or more

It’s best to stop consumption of any product that might have an effect on an upcoming drug test.

Common questions

Here are some common questions about Delta-10 (Δ10-THC):

Does Delta-10 show up on a drug test?

Yes. Delta-10-tetrahydrocannabinol is still considered a cannabinoid. And drug tests are not testing for Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica. They are testing for cannabinoids. Any type of CBD or “alternative cannabinoid” product may still show a positive result on a test.

Why is Delta-10 a bad thing to have appeared on a drug test if it’s legal?

Even though Delta-10 is legal, your employer, school, or athletics department may still have a policy against drug use. And may consider Delta-10 part of that.

If you have an upcoming drug test of any kind—it’s highly suggested that you don’t consume any more products until your body has a chance to completely clear you of the substance.

What are some ways to clear Delta-10 from your system?

Hydrate: Increasing the amount of water intake can help to boost your body's metabolic rate. And thus, helping to cleanse your system of any of the compounds.

Stop taking the product: While it’s fairly obvious, this is a method that needs to be mentioned. You should stop consuming any similar CBD or cannabidiol products in order to prevent it from appearing on an upcoming drug test.

Exercise: Increasing your exercise may help your body to flush its system of any chemical compounds that may be there. Try to go for a long run or jog. And increase your sweat levels. Afterwards, attempt to hydrate yourself creating a full-body “flush” and cleanse.

Consider body cleanses: In most health food stores, you’ll be able to find a full body “cleanse” for upcoming drug tests. Consider taking one of these products if you feel like you need to.

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