how is hhc flower made

How is HHC Flower Made?

“HHC” is known as hexahydrocannabinol. HHC can also get confused with Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-9. All of these are considered “alternative cannabinoids” that have turned into flower products. “HHC flower” is made by using a hemp flower and “infusing” the flower with the chemical compounds using an alcohol spray.

Key takeaways

  • HHC ”flower” is made by using a combination of hemp flower buds, alcohol spray, and hexahydrocannabinoid oil. The oil is sprayed onto the hemp flower buds to create an “infused hemp” product that can be sold.
  • Methods are continuing to advance in the space, with some companies having a “direct oil” application to the flower. As well as having a CO2 application of the hexahydrocannabinoid oil.

How is HHC “flower” made?

Learn how HHC “flower” is made.

Understanding the slang term “flower”

Firstly, let’s cover what it means when we refer to “flower.” The term “flower” is a more popularized street term or “slang term” for the flower buds that are often smoked or inhaled off of cannabis plants.

More commonly, these flower buds contain THC from cannabis sativa and cannabis indica varieties. Although, “hemp,” which traditionally does not contain any THC, is also known to produce the same “flower” or bud on female plant varieties.

Spraying or applying oil to the hemp flower

“Infused hemp” is the term that describes how these products are made. Typically, the hemp flower bud is sprayed with an alcohol and HHC (or hexahydrocannabinoid) oil. The alcohol is known to often “burn off” from time spent “breathing” after the spray. It is not burned off during the actual smoking experience for the consumer.

Producing the end product

Typically, after the product has been sprayed, it will be packaged in a small jar that’s ready for sale. Its legalities can vary by state. And since the actual “flower” itself is a hemp byproduct and the HHC altered cannabinoid is another hemp byproduct, it falls into the 2018 Farm Bill. Although, these laws are changing rapidly on a state-by-state basis since the products have become highly popularized due to their extremely similar effects as THC.

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